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I am loving the podcast!



This weeks podcast, how do they get me to say such things?




This week's podcast with Greg & Fernando!




Not going to type anything pertaining to today's date, or the significance of this day. Just a quick note to say, yes I am an incredibly lazy blogger. but I have a new podcast! Greg & Fernando of 99.7 NOW Radio have invited me to be a weekly guest on their podcast, won't you please give it a listen:

Apart from that? The usual: heading to Boise tomorrow to visit family, when I return I have the third installment of DAYTIN E REALNESS, the new party I throw which has been a wonderful experience. What else? Folsom St. Fair weekend (huge Lady Gaga night), then New Orleans, then Halloween (special guest Tommy Lee!)





It's been staring at me for weeks now...a post-it with the word "BLOG" on it, a constant reminder to fucking write something, but I've found it almost impossible. OK, I get it, blogs are for people who have tons of time at their disposal....I have been more or less crazy busy continuously since this new site was launched.

What have I done in the (no longer) New Year?

January was relatively quiet, with the exceptions of Trannyshack LA and Trannyshack Star Search (congratulations Rotissary!) Comic relief that month came when I was called in for Jury Duty for an assault with a deadly weapon case, and was excused immediately after telling a packed courtroom what I did for a living. Even the stenographer looked up when I said "Drag Queen".

(With Becky Motorlodge and Joseph at the Stevie Nicks Tribute show)

February was the Stevie Nicks Tribute, and then Hawaii. Hawaii was a hoot, as always. Apparently after our shows there in 2010 there had been some criticism that the shows were too tame. I was a bit taken aback-I didn't know they wanted sleaze! We sure gave it to them this time though, especially with the extremely twisted Fade Dra flown in from Los Angeles.I love Hula's, and we are probably going back in July for a Gay Water Polo convention. There was some slight drama with a crazy queen there, whose name will go unmentioned, but it was definitely small-time and small-town shit. It always amazes me that people have the time and desire to create drama where none exists.

(Onstage with Holy McGrail and Fade-Dra in Hawaii.Doesn't Fade-Dra look like the Wolfman?)

The highlight of March was the Bowie Trannyshack show, with special guest Angie Bowie.....such an honor to have such an iconic figure, who is so tied in with the whole Bowie mythology and legacy. She told some amazing (of course) stories about Bowie. For instance, somehow our mutual disdain of limousines came up in conversation. I was saying how much I dislike them because often in my "career" a promoter has sent one for me as if it's a perk, when really they are hugely uncomfortable and awkward to sit in if you are in drag.She recounted how much she hated them because David Bowie had a fear of flying and insisted on traveling all around America via limo while on tour, while in the throes of cocaine induced paranoia. He was convinced that UFO's were trying to abduct him, and had all sorts of UFO tracking devices and antennae attached to the vehicle, so that there was no room to sit anywhere. And he was living on a diet of milk and green peppers and the finest, purest coke.

(With the divine Angie Bowie, photo by Jose Guzman-Colon)

The most bizarre thing to happen in March was the mania surrounding Britney Spears appearance in our fair city. Never have I seen such a big deal or such a huge fuss over something and someone so slight. She and her camp played the gay community for suckers, and they all bought into her schpiel about reaching out to the gay community. I drank the Kool-Aid too,and ended up covering the event AND introducing her at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium along with Juanita More, Sister Roma, Donna Sachet, and Pollo Del Mar. I am so tired of discussing it, so you can read my piece HERE, it about sums it up

(At The Britney Concert. Left to Right:Donna Sachet, Juanita More, Sister Roma, Pollo Del Mar, Heklina)

The Britney circus happened at the same time as the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. I was struck by how ludicrous it was; here we were going crazy over a totally packaged, opportunistic, and charmless pop puppet (who the media were shoving down our throats as some sort of a gay icon) while at the same time our community had just lost one of the best friends we ever had, someone who supported us when the whole world seemed to turn it's back on us, before we were seen as a marketable demographic in this age of Glee and Gaga.

(Sister Roma and I at the Black Swan event, Lumiere Theater April 2, 2011)

April so far has been the month of random gigs. First the Black Swan event at the Lumiere, then playing tour guide to beautiful young Scandinavians (that gig saw me getting invited onto an aircraft carrier to see a rock concert by a band of dwarves dressed as KISS, which was bizarre even by my jaded standards),and my Dogfest event in Duboce Park where I will be dressed as Cruella De Vil performing with elementary school children (who will all be dressed as dalmatians, of course). The end of the month will see two big events back to back, Trannyshack Reno-our annual assault on the Biggest Little City In The World-, and Trannyshack's Ladies of the 80's event at DNA Lounge. Our special guest will be Stacey Q., who I have pleasantly discovered to be very sweet and down to Earth. More on that later........I swear!

Oh, and taking up my blog-slack will be drag snob Bobbie Barber, who will start reviewing drag shows I am too lazy to attend. If I ever tried to review the shows of others I would be raked over the coals, burnt as a witch...but Bobbie can get away with it! He will offer his critiques within this watch out you queens, time to step up your game.....




January 2011


In these days of Facebook and Twitter, some say the culture of the blog is dead….but I’m gonna give this a try. Maybe some people actually care what I think, or maybe they’ll read just to make sure I’m not talking about them.

My last blog? Back when everyone was on MySpace….yes, that long ago.

Trannyshack was still a weekly party, the economy hadn’t collapsed, and Michael Jackson was still alive. Ahhh, the good old days.

Since Trannyshack ended as a weekly club, I have gone through tons of changes. I was warned by older, wiser club promoters (yes, they exist) that a lot of “friends” would fall away, and sure enough they did, off to kiss the asses of whoever is running weekly drag clubs these days. And that is perfectly OK with me, makes things much cleaner and clearer.

I tried to relax and vacation, and realized I am not very good at that. I tried to figure out what I wanted to do now that I was all grown up; I took voice lessons, I tried yoga, I went and had high colonics, I meditated. And you know what I realized? I love to work.

These days I am literally busier than ever, with non-stop out of town shows planned (this year alone I have gone to Hawaii, Orlando, Reno, Seattle, LA, Portland, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, and Palm Springs) and the new, improved, Trannyshack-On-Steroids shows happening at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. This blog will be my place to vent about “career” frustrations and my constant encounters with idiots.

Of course, I meet a lot of great people too, and I will attempt to cover a bit of my personal life in these blogs. Maybe even-dare I say it?-some gossip?

More than anything, welcome to the new, improved! It was about time I dragged myself out of the 1990’s………..



Trannyshack, San Francisco’s infamous drag performance night club, shocked and delighted packed audiences every Tuesday night at midnight for over twelve years. Defying all expectations, Trannyshack incorporated everything from low brow trash to high brow performance art, and became famous (or, infamous) worldwide as the quintessential San Francisco experience. No visit to the City was complete without a stop at Trannyshack.

The club has been featured in Out (which named it one of the top 10 reasons to move to San Francisco), Genre, Instinct, and Paper magazines and won numerous Best of the Bay awards, and was filmed for an independent feature length documentary , titled “Filthy Gorgeous: The Trannyshack Story” . Trannyshack is now branching out its empire, with shows in LA, London, Waikiki, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, and Reno enjoying great success.

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